November 20, 2006

So much to celebrate!!!!!!

Meeting with wonderful friends again, having an amazing time with them... and getting pepernotjes from THE REAL Zwartetje Piet...... JA!!! Zwartetje Piet

Being sooo lucky... but sooo lucky that you can actually share the birthday of your favorite princess in the world even when it was against all odds!

Walking in Zig-Zag at 2h30 in the morning without even knowing where are you going to, with only alcohol in your body which is what stop you from dying of hypothermia... KOUD!!!!... and arriving safe and sound even with the delicate princess showing you the greatest smile on earth.

Having the chance to LITERALLY be there when your friends need you the most.

2 years of being the wife of the most wonderful, handsome, caring and sweetest guy on earth...

Life is wonderful... no matter how hard it hits you it will always give you thousands of reasons to be thankful and happy!

Whenever I forget how cool life is.. I have this post to remember how blessed and happy I am... and how many reasons I have to keep on fighting. You never know when this will happen again!


November 08, 2006

Just wondering

What if... for once we could go back in time and share that special moment once again!

What if... we could stop time just then and there without rushing for anything else, making sure that we will keep all possible details for ever and ever.

What if... I just keep it real and cut the crap?? Yes, that's a good question and the answer is yet to be discovered!

I'm just in my "pensativa" mood after a very very hectic time. Regardless of anyone's opinion I'm completely satisfied with the results given on my last asignement and all and all together things are pretty much under control.

Again in my secret hideout where life feels different and air smells like pod!... Having more fun than normal and that can never ever be a bad thing to report.

Closing doors, building bridges, learning how to talk a little bit more with the eyes and less with my big big mouth. Cruising along the channels, missing... and not missing, loving and hating, just a mess... so I'm still the same!