May 26, 2006

I couldn't care less

After a not long enough night full of music, drinks and laughs... I have 2 clear thoughts now. Only 2... all the other are fuzzy and mixed up because of the alcohol...

Thought 1:
Is about time to put a limit to this working habits which are, as we speak, (... hehehe we don't speak... I'm speaking to myself and you are just intruders) giving me a really hard time. Working with such a hangover should be consider as a major threat to health and could result in serious harm towards coworkers!

Thought 2:
Have you ever contemplated the magic, the wonder, and the charm of all those things no one cares about???

So... last night your nail was broken because of your puppy dog jumping in your bed over the nail polish?? ... You know how much I care about that shit??? Not much... honestly... I'm wasting my time here... time for another whisky... aaaaaand new chair!

OHH so that's the way you lost 30 pounds in a week?? Honey, someone should tell you that you didn't loose them, you just relocated them in your humongous ass. ... That's whisky?? I'll be right back... or maybe not!

I always wondered how was it that you both met... Oh, he was always in love with you, and you ignored him, and he cried and cried until you gave him a chance. You go girl!, you rule!! Maybe I don't deserve to be sitting next to such a diva. So long Biatch!

Those, and any other millions of examples, are the stories that gave us something to talk about every single day of our life. Those are the answers we give to any victim who asks "so, how are you doing?". And I'm not really trying to criticize the hollowness of our day to day answers... I'm actually trying to figure out how is that small little non sense things give meaning to our life in a daily basis.

I am a living proof of that. I have the ability to make big big issues out of NOTHING... and listen, as you can see I know I do that.. but that's who I am! So Bite me!

And you are asking how am I doing?

Well to begin the hangover is killing me, and I'm starting to notice a pattern in which I always write after drinking... so I'm a post- alcohol- writer.

Pretty happy, to be honest, for finally solving some unfinished issues that have been carried for ages.. and ages. Subject closed, turn the page, keep on writing with the same appreciation as we always had. That fucking rules!... eat that all of you who told me I should just forget it forever. I knew the day would come.. I was just waiting and it worth the wait.

Those are my current "whatever" stories. Yes, yes, I don't blame you if you couldn't care less!